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We support you in this challenging and dynamic environment from strategic to daily operational project work. We establish project management frameworks according to recognized international standards or develop suitable solutions with you. We can coach project managers, form and establish project management teams, or take over the operative project management as project or sub-project leaders, depending on your needs.

We know from experience the daily challenges of project management, which can often mean change in the long-standing working methods of the employees. That is why we attach great importance to targeted and clear communication. Sustainable project success can only be achieved if the meaning and added value are clear to all stakeholders. That is why, in addition to traditional project management, we also take on other roles that are important for the success of the project. These include the Project Management Office (PMO), Project Communication, Project Controlling and Project Assistance.

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Managing Partner
do-projects GmbH

Projektmanagement: Dienstleistungen
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