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Do you work in a small to medium-sized company?

PMO setup - We help you with your project organization

Do you have a variety of smaller and larger projects in your company, but are you lacking an overview?

We help you bring structure to your projects and also show you how you can maintain it in long term.

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With the PMO setup, we create a uniform form of project management and the associated processes with you. Individually tailored to your needs, we build communication structures, reporting and processes, among other things.

Our services

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Recording the current situation: Together we look at what already exists in your company. What can we build on? What is new needed? And what are we saying goodbye to?

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Create and implement structures, templates & processes

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Train your employees in the structures, templates and processes

Goal PMO setup:
Organize projects and implement structures sustainably

The aim of the PMO setup is for us to organize your projects together with you. After your new processes have been established, we train your employees in how to use the new structures. After successfully implementing the PMO setup, your employees will be able to organize the projects independently.


If you still want operational PMO support,

You are also welcome to take a look at our PMO as a Service.

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As a first step, you are welcome to download our free project management templates.


Do you have questions about the PMO setup or would like to discuss it? Feel free to write me!

I'm Sina Kieser. Your contact person for all topics relating to PMO. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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