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Your new project management templates for project planning

The proven project profile, the status slide and the project conclusion
optimize your project organization.


Our project management consulting team uses a variety of project management templates that we have developed and continually use and improve ourselves. By using them in our customer projects, we have not only optimized the project organization and project planning steps, but also effectively saved time, avoided potential errors and simplified the work processes in the teams. Download our selection of templates and benefit from our project management know-how.

time saving

The project management templates create structure, support project organization and improve communication so that your team can save important time.



The templates convey a professional impression to the outside and strengthen the image of your project and your organization.


error reduction

The tried and tested templates help you avoid errors and lead to higher accuracy and quality of your results. New team members can also be quickly integrated into the work process.



Using the project management templates ensures that all documents in your project have consistent formatting, style and structure. This makes navigation easier for everyone involved and project planning.

These project management templates (only available in German) are available for you to download

project profile (German template PowerPoint)

  • ideal starting point for project planning and the next steps

  • early risk management by setting goals, time frames, budgets, etc.

  • provides a clear and concise summary of the project for a consistent understanding among all stakeholders

project status (German template PowerPoint)

  • clear presentation of the project progress from the project organization for transparency for all team members and stakeholders

  • identification of risks and problems and their countermeasures to avoid negative impacts on the project

  • a decision-making method for efficient meetings through the clear presentation of all relevant information

project conclusion (German template PowerPoint)

  • summary of the project results in a compact overview, which allows stakeholders to be effectively informed about achieved goals and the results of the project

  • lessons learned Documentation as valuable lessons to avoid potential errors in future projects

  • marks the official completion date for the project organization and creates the opportunity for an efficient transition into the line business

Download your new 
project management templates now!

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