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Do you work in a small to medium-sized company or in a specialist department of a corporation?

PMO as a Service

Are you in the middle of your day-to-day project and need operational support? Our PMO as a Service can provide you with a variety of support in your operational and procedural day-to-day project work.

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No matter whether classic, agile or hybrid project management, our consultants bring a diverse range of methods with them. Our range of services at PMO as a Serivce is as diverse as the project work itself. In addition to classic tasks such as project organization, project communication, reporting, preparation and follow-up of meetings, we also offer an individual service tailored to your needs. We would be happy to discuss together how we can support you in your projects. Please feel free to contact us!

Procedure PMO as a Service

Projektorganisation blauer Kreis


Requirement analysis: Together we will see in which areas our PMO as a Service can support you in your projects.

Projektorganisation blauer Kreis


Onboarding of our PMO team: Depending on the scope and area of responsibility, our employees will be onboarded with you.

Projektorganisation blauer Kreis


Project work: Our team has been successfully onboarded and can start working on the project with you.

Goal PMO as a Service

We are happy to take on the PMO tasks in your projects so that you can concentrate on the subject matter of your project. With our PMO as a Service, we not only offer you relief from administrative workload, but also the security that you can rely on our expertise. In addition to the PMO as a Service, we can support you in a variety of ways in your projects. Please also take a look at our project management page.

Our PMO as a Service offers you the opportunity to receive support from us as an individual or as a team. The individual becomes an integral part of your project, while our team ensures continuous availability.


  • delves deeply into your topics

  • can cover the project management during vacation or illness

  • knows the project structure and the project team well

  • supports a fixed project structure

Projektplanung Erfolg



  • support general and recurring tasks

  • in the event of absence in the PMO role, the team provides replacement at all times

  • support your PMO when the workload ist high by deploying several colleagues

  • can take on tasks at short notice by utilzing the capacities of the team members

Projektplanung Team

As a first step, you are welcome to download our free project management templates.


Do you have questions about PMO as a Service or would like to discuss it? Feel free to write to me!

I'm Sina Kieser. Your contact person for all topics relating to PMO. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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