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Why do-projects
is a good choice for you



We support a wide range of industries, company sizes and divisions in various roles. In this regard, the requirements range from organizational project management and compliance issues to IT infrastructure, data center and process-related digitalization projects.

do-projects benefits 

Hybrid working models


Manch einer kommt gerne früh morgens ins Büro, und manch einer arbeitet lieber später am Abend remote. Entscheide auch Du, was für Dich sinnvoll ist und zu Dir passt.  

Activities for team building


Digital oder persönlich - Gemeinschaft tut uns gut und dafür nehmen wir uns gerne Zeit: Office Days, Team-Wochenenden, digitale Spieleabende, Ausflüge, Sommergrillen, Kochen im Büro,...

Birthday bonus


Freue Dich auf einen Geburtstagsgutschein, mit dem Du Dir einen kleinen Wunsch erfüllen kannst.

Company pension scheme


Zusätzlich zu den gesetzlichen Vorgaben bieten wir eine attraktive Zuzahlung zu Altersvorsorge-Verträgen.

Knowledge & Education


Für Wissenstransfer & Austausch finden wir immer wieder neue Formate und unterstützen dich gerne bei der persönlichen Weiterentwicklung – sei es finanziell, oder durch eine zeitliche Freistellung.

Health care


Unter dem Motto DO-energy, bieten wir regelmäßig spannende & lustige Gesundheits-challenges sowie  Gesundheitsmittags-pausen für das gesamte Team an. 




Unser Angebot für Fahrradleasing schont nicht nur die Umwelt, sondern auch Deinen Geldbeutel.

Flat-rate drinks & snacks


Wer hat sie nicht?

Wir natürlich auch.



chit chat


Unser English Chit Chat ist ein sehr unterhaltsamer wöchentlicher Austausch auf Englisch zu unterschiedlichsten  

Alltagsthemen, Redewendungen und allem, was uns so einfällt.

What tasks await you here
The job information is exclusively provided in German. Feel free to reach out to us for further details.

Regardless of whether you send your application by email or apply automatically via Xing or LinkedIn: your data is always protected.*

Would you like to apply for a job with us, but can't find a suitable vacancy at the moment? No problem. Contact us and tell us why you would like to be part of do-projects.

*Note: The use of your data is subject to strict security guidelines, which we have summarized in our privacy policy.

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How we make sure
that you suit us and we suit you


#1 Phone call

with Elisabeth

If we are interested in your application, we will first contact you by phone to clarify mutual expectations and get a better impression. The interview usually lasts 15 minutes.


#2 Interview

get to know us

The purpose of this interview is to assess your motivation and previous experience. We also want to give you an insight into our company and the working atmosphere. For this reason, you will always meet a team member in the second interview who will tell you about their experiences and answer your questions.


#3 Interview

personal meeting

We are convinced that you should also get to know us in real life before you make a final decision. That's why we meet for this appointment at our office in Burgwedel. You will also have the chance to prove yourself with a presentation about yourself or a technical task and get to know the managing partner.


Get started at do-projects and count on the support of the entire do-projects team right from the start.

We will provide you with a mentor who will accompany you from day one and make your start with us as easy as possible.

#4 Onboarding


Elisabeth Wagner

Your contact person


If you would like to chat with me, please write to me. We can then talk on the phone and I will take the time to answer your questions. 

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