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Specialized in audit support for companies with at least 150 employees

We guide you through your IT-audit in a structured and stress-free manner!

Our auditlotsen support you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER external audits and
IT-audits in the company with workshops, specific procedure models and an audit schedule. 

Do you recognize your current challenges in external audits?

Our goals for your next audit at the company

The objectives of your upcoming audit in the company are not clearly defined.

There is not enough understanding of your efforts and the resources required.

Your internal communication is not target-oriented.

You are not achieving any long-term lessons learned or operational benefits from your past audits.


You actively manage your audit as a structured project.

The time and effort involved in your audit is transparent.

Get an 'all-round view': Use experience from previous projects, identify an initial starting point and establish central documentation.

You can use your lessons learned, including the audit schedule, for your next audit.

Our partners


Success stories from the practice of auditlotsen

In-time certification successfully completed

We were called in to prepare the data center certification of a service company. At the start of the project, we had no concrete knowledge of the current status on the customer side. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, we were able to clearly show the customer where there was a concrete need for action. By working together with the specialist departments, we were able to implement the necessary adjustments so that the customer successfully obtained certification in time.

Process optimization before the audit at the company

As part of the preparation for an external audit, we examined the processes of an IT department. In the first step, the current status was recorded via interviews, workshops and document review. In the second step, we created an overview of the identified weaknesses in terms of process compliance, as well as deviations between documented and actual workflows. This allowed us to refine the processes before the audit and establish them in close cooperation with the process owners and other stakeholders. 

Efficient coordination and fulfillment of recertification requirements

The data center of a company in the financial services sector was recertified with conditions. We analyzed the requirements, identified the relevant specialist managers and jointly developed solutions. We coordinated, tracked and provided technical support for the implementation of the solution so that the requirements could be met as planned.

GDPR compliance through centralized customer communication

A service of a technology group was audited by a customer through an external audit. auditlotsen established a central information and communication interface to prevent violations of the GDPR in the context of communication and to prevent findings. We collected all evidence requested by the auditor centrally, checked it and forwarded it to the customer as required. Violations and findings were prevented and the audit effort was minimized.

Our approach

As auditlotsen, we offer comprehensive support BEFORE, DURING and AFTER external audits with the help of various tools such as workshops, process models and an audit schedule. 

In our role as auditlotsen, we equip IT departments with the necessary skills to be efficiently and reliably prepared for external audits and audits within the company.

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About us

We are a diverse team consisting of process and KPI enthusiasts, organization enthusiasts and people lovers. And it is precisely this combination that allows us to advise and support you as your auditlotsen with a lot of heart and clever minds.

do-projects was founded in 2018. In contrast to traditional consulting firms, we not only initiate & plan the optimization of strategies, processes and systems, but also implement these projects together with you. We provide support where the challenges arise.


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